The Solitude Of Winter

documentary, Social Media


Project Overview

‘The Solitude Of Winter’ is a short documentary that follows outdoor adventurer Eric Hanson as he embarks on a short overnight camping trip in the middle of winter. Eric is the host of the television series ‘Epic Trails’, which takes him across the world hiking and exploring some of the most stunning and wild landscapes.

For this film, Heliconia Productions (the company behind ‘Epic Trails’) wanted to create a short piece that was more experiential and focused on Eric’s character and his love for the wilderness. At the same time, it was important to create a message that ultimately encouraged others to seek out meaningful experiences in nature.

Director’s note

Southern Ontario in the winter is a beautiful place, but it shows itself in a subtle way when compared to the more dramatic western part of the country. For this short film, we choose to interview Eric and focus on the ‘why’, combining that message with images focused on details and elements to help connect the viewer with Eric’s experience.

Crew Details

Production Company: Heliconia Productions
Producer: Ken Whiting
Director/Cinematographer: Kyle McDougall
Editor: Kyle McDougall
Production Assistant: Sierra Stinson
Featuring: Eric Hanson