Sigma - Legacy

Brand - documentary



Sigma Canada approached us and inquired about making a film featuring one of their sponsored professional photographers, Wayne Simpson. Wayne’s work is best defined as creative character portraits. Sigma wanted to showcase his work and explore how his career has evolved over the years. The resulting film, ‘Legacy’, takes a looks at Wayne’s journey and how he arrived at a point in his career where he feels like he’s found his purpose.


Creating the film ‘Legacy’ was a unique opportunity for me. Not only have I admired Wayne’s work for a number of years, he’s also someone who I consider a good friend. Most of my films feature characters that start out as total strangers, and our relationship develops over the production process. But in this scenario, I went into production with an existing friendship with Wayne, which was both exciting and challenging. I was honoured to have the opportunity to discover and share Wayne’s story in the most authentic way possible—as a way to celebrate his work, and at the same time inspire others in their creative journeys.

Crew Details

Production Company: Outpost Films
Director: Kyle McDougall
Cinematographer: Kyle McDougall
Assistant Camera: Jacob Barkey
Grip: Brad Brown
Editor: Kyle McDougall
Re-recording Mixer: Justin Aucoin