Kyle spent the first six years as a Film graduate in the roles of Director of Photography and Lead Editor for two internationally broadcasted television shows. Bringing his distinctive style and unrelenting work ethic, he co-founded his first production company in 2014. The creative duo specialized in visually stunning commercials and brand work.

A period spent travelling North America distilled Kyle’s determination to follow his true vocation, developing cinematic non-fiction films and documentaries. It was also during this long adventure that he affirmed his belief that the truly compelling part of any story is not the end result, but the twists, turns, and crossroads of the journey. 

In 2018, Kyle founded Outpost films. His purpose is to tell honest, unflinching stories using his signature style and attention to detail. Kyle has never lost the sense of honour he feels when he is welcomed into someone’s life. He embraces the chance to immerse himself in their journey and uncover how to tell their story most faithfully. His enduring goal is to represent the authentic essence, the core truth of his subjects and their history. 

Kyle’s work strikes you with its commitment to storytelling and emotional nuance and presence. The result is tasteful, authentic and accurate films that pulse with vital purpose while remaining visually exceptional. Click here to view his still work.

Working Together

Kyle is available for freelance work as a director, cinematographer, or editor, and also excels at handling the complete production process by leveraging his past experience as well as his creative network.