A Way Back



Project Overview

Barry Phippen is a life-long motorcycle enthusiast whose experiences throughout life lead him to create The Bikers Reunion—an annual event that takes place in Northern Ontario, drawing in crowds of 25,000. The main goal of the event is to raise funds to support the cancer care program in the town of Temiskaming Shores. Barry’s story proves that with a strong purpose and the right group of people, anything is possible.

Director’s note

This is a project that was produced by our friends over at Sawmill Creative. They had captured the Bikers Reunion event for a couple of years but wanted to create another piece that focused on the owner and his story. Moving beyond a film that strictly showcased the event, we explored Barry’s past and learned about the events in his life that led him down this path. The finished film gives viewers an authentic feel for the passion and dedication that has grown and sustained this important event.

Crew Details

Production Company: Sawmill Creative
Directors: Jacob Barkey, Kyle McDougall
Camera Operators: Kyle McDougall, Jacob Barkey, Cole Bennett
Editor: Kyle McDougall
Production Assistant: Stephen DiNallo